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Saturday, December 29, 2012

"when passive voice is to be used"

.+ Use the passive voice when you do not need to tell the reader who is acting or when the agent (the person who does the action) is not known or is not important. Tea is grown in India. English is spoken all around the world. Active voice: Waseem will prosecute trespassers. passive voice: Trespassers will be prosecuted. In this case,it is not necessary to say who will be doing the prosecuting.Fear of being prosecuted,not fear of being prosecuted by Waseem ,will prevent most people from trespassing. .Use Passive voicecan create awkward sentences, as in the last example above.Also,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

when active voice is to be used

use the active voice when the actor's identity is important.

active passive voice

Active :1) Ali did it.
Active :2)The butler did it.
passive:3)It was done by Ali.
passive:4)It was done by the butler.

The first two sentences are stronger,they sound like an accusation.the 3rd and 4th sentences are weaker,they sound like 'Ali' or 'The butler' did nothing more sinister than a load of laundry.

.Use the active voice when you want to be direct and emphatic.

Active:Management expects the staff to follow the rules.
Passive :It is expected by management that rules will be followed.
In this example ,the active voice delivers the message more actively.
In this exampletheactive voicedelivers the message more actively.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Voice in Grammar

English verbs are said to have two voices: active and passive

voice in grammar

Voice is another strange word to use for verbs and again,the word 'voice'has
nothing to do with speaking deeply,loudly or softly.the 'voice' of a verb has to do with whether or not the subject of a sentence acts upon something else(as agent)or whether the subject is acted upon(by an agent).


active voice worksheet

1.sanam cleans the room every day.
2.People do not use this road very often.
3.she accuses me of stealing money.
4.How do people learn languages?
5.amjed warns us not to go out alone.
6.Dangerous driving causes accident.
7.We keep the butter here.
8 They carry injured people off the field.
9.he does not write to him.
10.Do we play cricket?
11.The doctor treats the patient.
12. he does not respect his seniors.

what is passive voice?

what is passive voice?

Passive voice means the subject of the sentence does not perform the action and is therefore passive.In other words we can say that the doer or performer of the action is not important to the speaker or writer but the thing denoted by the subject is important.

the passive voice is used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is the recipient(not the doer) of the action denoted by the verb.

Examples of passive voice and Active voice

Examples of passive voice and Active voice
They speak Urdu. Urdu is spoken
they spoke Urdu. Urdu was spoken.
They will speak Urdu. Urdu will be spoken.
They are going to speak Urdu . Urdu is going to be spoken.
They are speaking Urdu. Urdu is being spoken.
They were speaking Urdu. Urdu was being spoken.
They have spoken Urdu. Urdu has been spoken.
They had spoken Urdu. Urdu had been spoken.
They will have spoken Urdu. Urdu will have been spoken.

Monday, December 24, 2012

What is active voice?

Active voice means the subject of sentence prefarms the action .In other words,we can say that the subject of the sentence that performs the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb.

Active voice examples
active voice examples
The dog bit the boy.
Laiba will present her research at the conference.
Scientists have conducted experiments to test the hypothesis.
Aslam has repaired my car.
what is Active voice