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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

list of transitive verbs English and Urdu

list of transitive verbs English and Urdu

Present Urdu Meaning Past Past Participle
Abuse گالی دینا Abused Abused
Add جمع کرنا Added Added
Advertise مشتہرکرنا Advertised Advertised
Allow اجازت دینا Allowed Allowed
Announce اعلان کرنا Announced Announced
Arrest گرفتار کرنا Arrested Arrested
Attend متوجہ ہونا Attended Attended
Auction نیلام کرنا Auctioned Auctioned
Bark بھونکنا Barked Barked
Bear برداشت کرنا Bore Borne
Beat مارنا Beat Beaten
Begin شروع کرنا Began Begun
Bite کاٹنا Bit Bitten
Blame الزام دینا Blamed Blamed
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list of transitive verbs English and Urdu


Friday, October 10, 2014

Tips for Increasing your vocabulary

Tips for Increasing your vocabulary

The need for a good vocabulary is not limited to the classrom.Most students reaction to this is"I can communicate well enough with the words i know."However,consider how many times that you have said :"I know what i mean,but i just can't express it."This is a clear indication of a weak vocabulary.

Strong vocabulary

skills are an asset in every academic area as well as in the work force.Without an adequate vocabulary,reading,learning and even thinking become difficult tasks .A direct effort must be made in order for your vocabulary to grow-it won't grow on its own.Be genuinely interested in words.The words you use are usually an indication of your personality.Here are some tips to help you improve and

increasing your vocabulary.

Tips for Increasing your vocabulary
Tips for Increasing your vocabulary
1-Definition: A sufficient explanation of the word is given within the sentence. His succinct style made for difficult reading: that is, he compressed so much information into a few words that it was difficult to get the full meaning. Succinct means:
2-Analysis:The parts used to construct the word (roots, suffixes, prefixes) can be a direct clue to its meaning. The material the teacher wanted to cover was circumscribed by the government's course regulations. Hint: circum- means around -scribe means write
3-Experience:Either from an experience of your own or one that you can imagine, the meaning of the word becomes clear. We walked warily across the ice-covered sidewalk. Warily means:
4-Contrast:Look for words, phrases or ideas used in contrast. The troops fought to the end rather than capitulate. Capitulate means:
5-Inference: Sufficient clues are given so that you can make an educated guess. The medicine seemed to ameliorate her condition and soon she was feeling better. Ameliorate means:
6-Borrow from Another LanguageIf you know another language, watch for clues that appear when words are derived from another language. The instructor augmented his regular salary by tutoring privately. (Do you know the meaning of the French word"augmenter" or the Italian word "augmentare"?) Augmented means:
7-Look for Repetition: Sometimes you may see almost exact restatements of familiar words that seem to be unfamiliar. I shall take a postgraduate course the fall after I graduate. Postgraduate means:
8-Look for Overlapping Words: Sometimes adjectives that have similar meaning are used in pairs.She was very gregarious and friendly at the same time. Gregarious means:
9-USE your dictionary: Don't be intimidated by the dictionary. Carrying a pocket dictionary around with you can be very useful. When you are studying , reading, or writing an essay, keep a good desk dictionary by your side. Use it to improve your understanding of the subject matter while you learn new and useful words.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Increasing your vocabulary

Increasing your vocabulary learn three words daily

three more word Increasing your vocabulary

Word Meaning
After most Nearest the stern of a ship
After shave A lotion that apply upon skin after shaving
After shock Smaller earthquake following the main shock of large earthquake
☼tip :daily three word is useful to Increasing your vocabulary

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Strong vocabulary improve English

Strong vocabulary improve English
Today we will learn three more words for

strong vocabulary

Word Meaning
Accelerate Move faster
Accend To kiddle
Accipiter Hawk,falcon,accipitral