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Friday, November 28, 2014

Verb with two objects with exercises

We were given a week.

Some verbs(for example,give,lend,promise,send and show)can have two objects
:a person and thing.
♦ They gave Waheed a prize.Or
♦ They gave a prize to Waheed.
♦We sent Waheed a birthday card.Or
♦We sent a birthday card to Waheed.
Theseverbs have two possible passive structures.
♦Waheed was given a prize.OR
Õ:A prize was given to Waheed.
Õ:Waheed was sent a birthday card.OR
Õ:A birthday card was sent to Waheed.

A Verb with two objects
Subject Verb Object 1 Object 2
Active Waheed wrote a letter to me.
Passive: A letter was written to me by Waheed.
Passive: I was written a letter by Waheed.
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