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Friday, November 29, 2013

Special passive structures

Special passive structures

"the use of 'let'."
• we use 'let' when we chang imperative sentence into the passive.
•After 'let' the object is placed in the sentence.
•Then 'be' and '3rd form of the verb is used.

special passive structures examples

Active:Open the door.
Passive:let the door be opened.
Active :Listen to the music.
Passive:let the music be listened.

•Turn on the lights.
•Read this book.
•Listen to the news.
•Paint the door.
•write an essay.
•Do not make a noise.
•Do not hurt him.
•Do not waste time.
•The passive occurs only with verbs used transitively ,that is ,verbs that can be followed by an object.

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